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Admirals Reveal New Premium Seating Areas


Milwaukee, WI—The Milwaukee Admirals today unveiled three new premium seating areas that will be open at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena when the team makes their home debut this Saturday night at 6 pm against the Iowa Wild.

Headlining the new areas is the US Bank Club, which serves as an all-inclusive area for up to 60 guests. Located on the north end of the ice, the US Bank Club runs right up to the glass giving fans a unique and electrifying perspective to the game. Each guest will have access to the dinner buffet that could include a variety of menu options including Italian, Mexican, or American fare. In addition, fans will receive two drink tickets that are good for beer, wine, or soda from the bar located in the club. The cost per ticket of the US Bank Club is $65m ($75 for premium games) and any group of 40 or more people gain exclusivity to the area.

For those fans wanting to feel like they are a part of the game, the Ice Box is the ultimate ticket area. Located immediately between the Admirals and visiting team benches, this exclusive area gets patrons so close to the action that they might feel like taking a shift on the ice! While other between the bench areas might seat four or six people, the Ice Box has seating for up to 12 making it the largest area of its kind in North America. The cost of the Ice Box is $750 (or $1000 on premium nights) and includes 12 tickets and $300 in concession cards.

Open to the public, the South Goal Tap Room is located behind the stands on the south side of the building and will feature a full service bar area. The Tap Room will have 12 beers on tap, including Admirals Ale, which is brewed by Leinenkugel’s and available exclusively at this area and in the US Bank Club. For just $40 ($45 on premium games) fans can get a ticket immediately behind the south goal where the Admirals attack twice and two drink tickets at the South Goal Tap Room.

Each of these new areas was created as part of the $6.3 million renovations to the Panther Arena that the Admirals and Wisconsin Center District collaborated on as the Ads return to the building for the first time since the 1986-87 season.

Fans wishing to go to book tickets for any of these premium areas can call the Admirals office at (414) 227-0550 or email