This information mainly pertains to seated live entertainment such as concerts, sports, family shows, theatrical productions and other spectator events. Managers of conventions, conferences, tradeshows, consumer shows, meetings and banquets should go to the Information for Show Managers sections of this website.


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License Agreement

The License Agreement is your contract with the Wisconsin Center District to provide specified facilities and services on the dates of your event. Your Sales Manager will draft the appropriate License Agreement, which is a binding contract once it is signed and executed.


All events in Wisconsin Center District facilities require at least a $2,000,000 combined single limit public liability “Evidence of Insurance” certificate.

The Wisconsin Center District has facilitated the availability for your group or organization to purchase insurance for your event through OneBeacon Entertainment Insurance Company.

Deposits and Due Dates

A signed license agreement, insurance certificate and non-refundable deposit equal to 25% of the base rent are due before any announcement, advertising or promotion of your event may take place or any tickets go on sale. Final payment is due 30 days before the event. Entertainment events may be subject to a “cash call,” in which funds sufficient to cover anticipated expenses must be in our Box Office at least 72 business hours before load-in may begin.


We want your event to succeed and will work with you to avoid a cancellation situation, but if you cancel your event after rendering a deposit to us, all deposits and payments are retained by the Wisconsin Center District.

Event Services Manager

An Event Services Manager is assigned to all booked events, and is your chief operational liaison with the Wisconsin Center District throughout the event process, from early planning to final bill settlement. The Event Services Manager will assist in planning, advise you of costs, help coordinate food and beverage service, and be on site during the event. Our Event Services Managers have complete decision-making authority regarding Wisconsin Center District facilities, staff and equipment, and are committed to helping your event succeed.

Technical Manuals

A Technical Manual is supplied to all clients and is loaded with useful facility specifications, drawings and similar information that should answer most operational questions. Complete copies of the Miller High Life Theatre  and UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena Technical Manuals may be downloaded below:

Miller High Life Theatre Technical Manual
UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena Technical Manual
Wisconsin Center Event Manager’s Sourcebook

Ticketing for Public Events

If there is an admission charge, the use of Wisconsin Center District Ticket Takers and Box Office personnel is required. The solicitation of funds or distribution of literature is subject to review by Wisconsin Center District management prior to the event. Pre-printed tickets and roll tickets are available from the Wisconsin Center District.

All event tickets or passes sold in advance for seated events must be sold through the Wisconsin Center District’s computerized Ticketmaster® system. Any exceptions must be approved by Wisconsin Center District management in writing before any tickets may be sold.

At least 5 business days are needed to set up a reserved-seat event on Ticketmaster® before tickets can go on sale. Arrangements with Ticketmaster® also require the timely return of your license agreement, insurance certificate and deposit.

Ticket stock for non-Ticketmaster® events must be either provided by or approved by the Box Office Manager.

Group Sales

Offering advance ticket purchase opportunities and/or discounts to groups (twenty or more) can significantly boost sales and help ensure seating density. By arrangement, the Wisconsin Center District’s Group Sales operation can provide targeted lists, solicit groups, and process orders. All group sales offers are posted on our Group Sales page in addition to being included with other event information.

Please contact Group Sales at 414.908.6092 or GroupSales@wcd.org for more information or to arrange a Group Sales effort for your show.



Security has always been a high priority for the Wisconsin Center District. The Wisconsin Center District’s Public Safety Department has a very close working relationship with local, state and federal law enforcement, public safety and emergency management officials, and our security operations are continuously reviewed and improved.

We provide 24-hour fire watch and building security. Event security or exhibit surveillance are not included in rentals, but extra security services are available on an hourly rate basis.

No one other than an on-duty law enforcement officer may possess a weapon on Wisconsin Center District premises. Anyone found to possess a weapon may be reported and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Marketing Services

We want to help bring your event maximum exposure! We can provide media contacts, press releases and other services, and we will promote your event on our website, digital signage, through social media, and via other in-house and third-party media. We can also offer great rates for local TV, radio, print and online advertising. Be sure to supply us your event information early, so we can get it into our publications and online!

Catering & Concessions

Levy Restaurants is the exclusive food & beverage provider for Wisconsin Center District facilities, and has sole rights to conduct both catering and concession sales at events. To make arrangements regarding backstage or guest catering, contact Levy Restaurants at 414-908-6150.

Merchandise Sales

The Wisconsin Center District has exclusive rights to control merchandise sales in our facilities. Levy Restaurants can provide staffing and resources for the sale of merchandise; contact Levy in care of the General Manager at 414.908.6150.


A new, state-of-the-art scoreboard was installed in the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena in 2014. See your Event Services Manager for details.


Pyrotechnics are not permitted in the Wisconsin Center. For the Miller High Life Theatre and the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, a City of Milwaukee permit is required for controlled pyrotechnical displays; for a permit application form, please contact your Event Services Manager. Permit requirements include explicit insurance coverage which may or may not be included in the insurance certificate required by the Wisconsin Center District. The District reserves final right of refusal pertaining to any and all pyrotechnical displays, confetti cannons and similar devices.

Laser Pointers

In 1999, the City of Milwaukee enacted an ordinance making it illegal to shine laser pointers on persons and illegal for minors to possess them or for stores to sell them to minors. The Wisconsin Center District does not return confiscated laser pointers.


The use of drones  is prohibited in the Wisconsin Center, Miller High Life Theatre and the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena.

This is a smoke and tobacco-free neighborhood.

Business Information

Market data, demographics, economic indicators and consumer spending in Milwaukee:
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