Brewcity Bruisers Will Restructure League, Retire Home Teams

League will Focus on Rankings and Recruitment Efforts in 2020

(Milwaukee, WI)— Brewcity Bruisers Roller Derby is proud to announce a league restructure that will improve its competitiveness while enhancing local recruitment and training efforts. In 2020, the Milwaukee roller derby season will shift to interleague games pitting the Brewcity Bruisers against opponents from around the world. The league’s four local home teams will be retired after the 2019 semi-finals and finals exhibition games. Fans are invited to celebrate the home teams for their farewell games on April 27 and May 4 at the UW-Panther Arena. Online tickets are available here.

“This restructure opens the door to bring a higher level of roller derby to Milwaukee,” said Rebecca Berkshire, Brewcity Bruisers Board Member. “While saying goodbye to our home teams will end a longstanding Milwaukee tradition, a simplified league structure means we can focus on recruitment and training efforts while improving our international rankings.”

The restructure will consolidate the number of teams that represent the Brewcity Bruisers from six to three. The league will retire its four home teams (the Crazy 8s, Maiden Milwaukee, the Rushin’ Rollettes and the Shevil Knevils), and will shift promotional focus to sanctioned games played by the elite interleague team, the Brewcity Allstars. The Brewcity Battlestars, and a new third team, will represent the league during exhibition games.

The Brewcity Bruisers continue to focus on recruitment efforts with its adult training and recreational skating program, the Bootleggers and its junior roller derby team, the Micro Bruisers. Adults are invited to attend a roller derby-style fitness class on Saturday, May 11, to learn basic skating skills. They can sign up by emailing The next session for the Micro Bruisers junior league begins Friday, June 7. More information is available by emailing

About the Brewcity Bruisers

The Brewcity Bruisers is an athletic organization of skaters and volunteers that fosters strong athletes and active engagement with their community. Our mission is to deliver a quality sport to Milwaukee and the greater derby community.

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