History of Events


The history of our assembly venues goes back 110 years, to the opening of the Milwaukee Auditorium, now the Miller High Life Theatre, in 1909 (and even longer in previous facilities on the same site!). In that time, under various names, our buildings have hosted an endless variety of concert, theatrical, sporting, political, religious and corporate events, convention assemblies, graduations and much more. Below is an incomplete list of the more-or-less public events that have been held in  our facilities since 1909.

If you know of (and can substantiate) any events not listed below, we’d love to hear from you! Please send a readable photocopy or scan of your ticket, playbill, program, poster, review, ad or other documentation. Do not send original materials; they will not be returned. Send your documentation to ATTENTION: EVENT LIST. You can email a scan to boxoffice@wcd.org, or mail a photocopy to Wisconsin Center District, 400 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53203.

Dates are U.S. style.  Some “milestone” events are in bold.

Venue codes: (AU) = Auditorium; (AR) = Arena; (CC) = Convention Center; (MT) = Milwaukee Theatre/Miller High Life Theatre


1909-1910 (limited data)

Milwaukee Auditorium Dedication (AU) 09/21/1909
Enrico Caruso (AU) 04/18/1910


1911-1920 (limited data)

President William Howard Taft speech (AU) 10/27/1911
Theodore Roosevelt (Progressive) Presidential Campaign Speech (TR spoke after being shot!) (AU) 10/14/1912
Boxing: Ad Wolgast vs. Willie Ritchie (AU) 03/12/1914
Boston Symphony Orchestra; Karl Muck, Conductor (AU) 1o/05/1915
President Woodrow Wilson speech (AU) 01/31/1916
Ernestine Schumann-Heink (AU) 05/13/1918
Enrico Caruso with the New York Metropolitan Opera (AU) 05/13/1919


1921-1930 (limited data)

Orchestra Della Scala; Arturo Toscanini, Conductor (AU) 02/16/1921
New York Philharmonic Orchestra; Josef Stransky, Conductor (AU) 05/22/1921
Jascha Heifetz (AU) 01/16/1922
John Phillip Sousa & His Band with the Marquette University Band (AU) 11/08/1924
John Phillip Sousa & His Band (AU) 11/08/1925
Will Rogers (AU) 04/07/1927
Jascha Heifetz (AU) 01/27/1928
John Phillip Sousa & His Band (AU) 09/21/1929


1931-1940 (limited data)

Volksfest celebrates end of Prohibition (AU) 04/17/1933
Indoor Soccer exhibition game: Vienna AC vs. Bayern Schlitz FC (AU) 12/23/1933
First Annual Indoor Soccer Tournament (AU) 02/09/1936
6-day Bicycle Races (AU) 02/28/39-03/06/1939
Philadelphia Orchestra; Leopold Stokowski, Conductor (AU) 05/11/1936
Alf Landon (R) Presidential Campaign Speech (AU) 09/26/1936

Liberace (AU) 02/18/1940
New York Philharmonic Orchestra; John Barbirolli, Conductor (AU) 11/23/1940
Xavier Cugat, His Orchestra & Company (AU) 11/26/1940


1941-1950 (limited data)

World featherweight boxing title match: Wisconsin native Phil Zwick vs. champion Petey Scalzo (AU) 05/12/1941
All-American Youth Orchestra; Leopold Stokowski, Conductor (AU) 06/04/1941

Jascha Heifetz (AU) 02/14/1942

Hamid-Morton Circus (AU) 02/22/43-02/28/1943

Pabst Blue Ribbon Town radio broadcast w/ Groucho Marx, Gene Tierney, Fay McKenzie, Leo Gorcey, Ken Niles & others (AU) 02/05/1944
New York Metropolitan Opera (AU) 04/20/1944
Boston Symphony Orchestra; Serge Koussevitsky, Conductor (AU) 12/09/1944

New York Metropolitan Opera (AU) 04/29/1945
Boston Symphony Orchestra; Serge Koussevitsky, Conductor (AU) 12/08/1945

Jascha Heifetz (AU) 01/16/1946
New York Metropolitan Opera: Madame Butterfly (AU) 05/05/1946
Winter Carnival of Harmony Barbershop Quartet Christmas Program (AU) 12/06/1946

Jascha Heifetz (AU) 04/07/1947
New York Philharmonic Orchestra; Dimitri Mitropoulos, Conductor (AU) 05/03/1947

New York Philharmonic Orchestra; Leopold Stokowski, Conductor (AU) 09/26/1948

Jascha Heifetz (AU) 04/14/49
Boston Symphony Orchestra; Serge Koussevitsky, Conductor (AU) 12/05/v49

Milwaukee Arena Grand Opening featuring the Milwaukee Civic Progress Orchestra (MCPO) (AR) 04/09/50-04/15/1950
MCPO w/ Frances Langford and Alec Templeton (AR) 04/09/1950
MCPO w/ Dick Haymes, Georgia Gibbs, The DeMarcos and the Don Craig Choir. Art Linkletter, MC (AR) 04/10/1950
MCPO w/ various ethnic and folk ensembles (AR) 04/11/1950
Life With Luigi (AR) 04/11/1950
MCPO w/ Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra and The High Life Revue (AR) 04/12/1950
MCPO w/ Tommy Bartlet, Bill Lawrence, Captain Stubby & The Buccaneers, Connie Russell and Jan August (AR) 04/13/1950
The Life of Riley starring William Bendix (TV broadcast) (AR) 04/14/1950
MCPO w/ Eddy Arnold, Guy Willis & His Oklahoma Wranglers, Dennis Morgan, Smiley Burnett, The Carter Family and Chet Atkins (AR) 04/15/1950


1951-1960 (limited data)

Milwaukee Hawks NBA Team home court (AR) 1951-1955
Jascha Heifetz (AU) 10/23/1951
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra (AR) 11/22/1951
Sen. Joe McCarthy campaign dinner (AU) 12/11/1951

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra with Frankie Yankovic, Bernie Roberts, Romy Gosz and Sammy Madden (AU) 05/28/1952
President Harry S Truman (D) address (AR) 9/1/1952
Dwight D. Eisenhower (R) Campaign Speech (AR) 10/03/1952
Hollywood Ice Revue (AU) 11/27/52-12/07/1952

Liberace (AU) 10/20/1953
Jazz at the Philharmonic with Ben Webster (AU) 10/02/1953

Liberace (AU) 05/03/1954
Boxing: Bobby Dykes vs. Ernie Durando; Norman Johnson vs. Ralph Cervantes w/ referee Rocky Marciano (AR) 10/27/1954

New York Philharmonic Orchestra; Dimitri Mitropoulos, Conductor (AU) 05/19/1955

West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer speech (AU) 06/15/1956

Beryozka Polish Dancers (AU) 1/15/1959
Holiday on Ice of 1959: The Wizard of Oz (AR) 01/15/59-01/25/1959
Milwaukee Pops; Howard Barlow, Conductor (AU) 01/16/59-01/17/1959
Milwaukee Pops with Van Cliburn; Harry John Brown, Conductor (AU) 01/30/1959
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/16/59-02/22/1959
Milwaukee Pops with Jerry Lewis; Walter Scharf, Conductor (AU) 02/22/1959
Ice Capades: Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs (AR) 03/25/59-03/31/1959

Chubby Checker (AR) 10/02/1960
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra with the Dave Brubeck Quartet and the Dukes of Dixieland (AU) 10/15/1960


1961-1970 (limited data)

Chubby Checker, Dunae Eddy, Paul Anka, The Shirelles, The Jive Five, Clarence “Frogman” Henry & Linda Scott (AR) 10/28/1961
Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Leopold Stokowski, Conductor (AU) 10/09-10/13/1961
President John F. Kennedy (D) address (AR) 05/12/1962
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra (AU) 11/25/1962

Johnny Cash (AU) 04/27/1963
Tony Bennett (AU) 12/06/1963

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (AU) 04/27/1964
Liberace (AU) 05/02/64-5/04/1964
The Beach Boys (AU) 07/19/1964
Johnny Cash (AU) 08/01/1964
Twistin’ Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds (AU) 09/04/1964
The Beatles, Jackie DeShannon, The Exciters, Clarence “Frogman” Henry, & Bill Black’s Combo (AR) 09/04/1964
Ray Charles (AU) 10/11/1964
The Rolling Stones (AU) 11/11/1964
Louis Armstrong (AU) 11/13/1964
Dave Clark Five (AU) 12/15/1964

Dick Clark’s Caravan of Stars with Del Shannon, The Shangri-Las, and other artists (AU) 04/17/1965
The McCoys, Freddie & The Dreamers, & The Beau Brummels (AU) 11/14/1965
The Rolling Stones (AR) 11/25/1965
Dave Clark Five (AU) 12/11/1965

Buck Owens and His Buckaroos (AU) 01/22/1966
The Beach Boys, The Chieftones & Sir Douglas Quintet (AR) 05/19/1966
Dave Clark Five (AU) 07/05/1966
Herman’s Hermits & The Animals (AR) 07/31/1966
Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Standells, & Keith Allison (AU) 10/28/1966
The Association & The Lovin’ Spoonful (AU) 11/25/1966

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra (AU) 05/07/1968
Milwaukee Bucks first home game (89-84 loss to Chicago Bulls) (AR) 10/16/1968
The Doors (AR) 11/1/1968

Iron Butterfly (AR) 06/29/1969

Steppenwolf (AU) 02/27/1970
Buck Owens & His Buckaroos (AU) 2/28/1970
Jimi Hendrix (AU) 05/01/1970
Paul Butterfield Blues Band, James Cotton Blues Band & The Original Caste (AR) 05/09/1970
Led Zeppelin (AR) 08/31/1970
The Moody Blues with the James Gang (AR) 09/19/1970
Grand Funk Railroad & Love (AR) 12/23/1970


1971-1980 (limited data)

Neil Diamond (AU) 02/12/1971
The Grateful Dead with New Riders of the Purple Sage (AR) 03/21/1971
Chicago (AR) 5/18/1971
Santana & Tower of Power (AR) 06/11/1971
Southern Comfort, Deep Purple & Rod Stewart & the Faces (AU) 07/14/1971
Elton John (AU) 8/30/1971
Grand Funk Railroad (AR) 10/04/1971
Frank Zappa with Fleetwood Mac & Rory Gallagher (AR) 10/20/1971
Johnny Cash with Carl Perkins (AR) 10/24/1971
Milwaukee Admirals Hockey (AR) 10/30/71-?/?/1988
Leon Russell and Freddie King (AU) 11/7/1971
Bill Haley & His Comets (AU) 11/12/1971
The James Gang with John Mayall (AR) 11/27/1971
The Temptations (AU) 12/10/1971

David Cassidy (AU) 04/07/1972
Neil Diamond (AU) 04/08/1972
Jethro Tull (AR) 06/06/1972
Elvis Presley (AR) 06/14/72, 06/15/1972
Emerson, Lake & Palmer & Wishbone Ash (AR) 08/11/1972
Humble Pie & Slade (AU) 09/13/1972
Yes, Gentle Giant & The Eagles (AR) 09/25/1972
The Carpenters (AU) 10/24/1972
The Moody Blues (AR) 10/28/1972
Rare Earth, Poco & Ballin’ the Jack (AU) 11/22/1972

Neil Young & The Stray Gators and Linda Ronstadt (AU) 01/05/1973
Uriah Heep, Spooky Tooth & Silverhead (AU) 02/28/1973
Ten Years After (AU) 04/28/1973
Frank Zappa with Mahavishnu Orchestra, John Hammond & Townes Van Zandt (AR) 05/11/1973
Alice Cooper (AR) 05/31/1973
ZZ Top, Deep Purple & Billy Preston (AR) 06/10/1973
J. Geils Band, James Gang and Climax Blues Band (AR) 06/22/1973
Led Zeppelin (AR) 07/10/1973
Three Dog Night & T. Rex (AR) 07/20/1973
Robin Trower, Spirit & Bachman-Turner Overdrive (AU) 09/02/1973
Jethro Tull (AR) 09/15/1973
Johnny Cash (AU) 10/29/1973
Fats Domino & Jerry Lee Lewis (AU) 11/11/1973
The Guess Who (AR) 09/21/1973

The Siegel-Schwall Band, Wishbone Ash & REO Speedwagon (AU) 01/23/1974
James Taylor (AR) 05/02/1974
Mott the Hoople with Kansas (AU) 05/22/1974
Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee Auditorium become “MECCA Arena,” “MECCA Auditorium” 05/23/1974
Elvis Presley (AR) 06/28/1974
Santana (AU) 08/18/1974
Van Morrison (AU) 09/14/1974
The Doobie Brothers (AR) 09/26/1974
David Bowie (AR) 10/13/1974
Jackson Five (AR) 10/27/1974
Lou Reed (AU) 10/31/1974
Wishbone Ash & Camel (AU) 12/06/1974
Electric Light Orchestra, Elf, Deep Purple (AR) 12/11/1974

The Spinners with Sister Sledge & Billy Wallace (AU) 01/17/1975
J. Geils Band and John Entwhistle’s Ox (AR) 03/22/1975
Robin Trower & Status Quo (AU) 04/23/1975
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Climax Blues Band & Atlantis (AU) 05/20/1975
Stephen Stills (AU) 07/06/1975
Yes with Ace (AR) 07/16/1975
Fleetwood Mac (AR) 08/15/1975
Paul Anka (AU) 08/24/1975
Uriah Heep with Blue Oyster Cult (AR) 08/24/1975
Jethro Tull (AR) 10/27/1975
Allman Brothers Band with Muddy Waters (AR) 11/18/1975
Aerosmith (AU) 11/21/1975
Frank Zappa with Roxy Music (AU) 11/28/1975
Foghat (AU) 12/05/1975

KISS (AU) 02/04/1976
David Bowie (AR) 02/20/1976
Queen (AU) 03/01/1976
Tony Orlando & Dawn (AR) 4/29/1976
Frank Sinatra (AR) 05/08/1976
Fleetwood Mac (AR) 06/24/1976
Jefferson Starship (AR) 07/02/1976
Aerosmith (AR) 07/08/1976
J. Geils Band (AR) 07/23/1976
Yes (AR) 08/16/1976
ZZ Top (AR) 09/14/1976
President Gerald R. Ford (R) address (AU) 10/29/1976
Ted Nugent with Montrose & Rex (AU) 11/10/1976
Foghat (AR) 11/26/1976
Lynyrd Skynyrd (AU) 12/05/1976

Queen with Thin Lizzy (AU) 01/13/1977
Barry Manilow (AU) 01/19/1977
Genesis (AU) 02/10/1977
Foghat (AR) 02/16/1977
Bruce Springsteen (AR or AU?) 02/22/1977
Electric Light Orchestra and Steve Hillage (AU) 02/25/1977
Elvis Presley (AR) 04/07/1977
Engelbert Humperdinck (AR) 04/17/1977
Tom Jones (AR) 05/13/1977
The Doobie Brothers (AR) 07/07/1977
Emerson, Lake & Palmer (AR) 08/05/1977
Bad Complany (AR) 08/23/1977
Alice Cooper (Ar) 08/25/77
Yes with Donovan (AR) 09/01/1977
Frank Zappa (AU) 09/27/1977
Blue Oyster Cult (AR) 10/24/1977
Todd Rundgren’s Utopia with Starcastle (AU) 11/06/1977
Jethro Tull (AR) 11/14/1977
Kansas with Crawler (AR) 11/28/1977

Rush with Pat Travers (AU) 01/26/1978
The Grateful Dead (AU) 02/04/1978
David Bowie (AR) 04/24/1978
Bruce Springsteen (AR) 06/08/1978
Electric Light Orchestra and Trickster (AR) 08/15/1978
Black Sabbath with Van Halen (AR) 08/22/1978
Alice Cooper (AR) 08/25/1978
Frank Zappa (AR) 09/26/1978
Bruce Springsteen (AR) 11/27/78
Rush with Golden Earring (AR) 12/07/1978
Milwaukee Does vs. Chicago Hustle (Women’s Basketball League’s first game) (AR) 12/09/1978

Cheap Trick and Off Broadway (AU) 01/12/1979
Alice Cooper (AR) 03/06/1979
President Jimmy Carter (D) address (CC) 3/31/1979
Boston (AR) 03/31/1979
Jethro Tull (AR) 04/19/1979
Diana Ross (AR) 04/25/1979
Yes (AR) 04/26/1979
New Barbarians Tour featuring Keith Richards & Friends (AR) 04/29/1979
Journey (AU) 05/15/1979
Patti Smith & Her Band (AU) 06/06/1979
Bad Company (AR) 07/15/1979
The Kinks 08/12/1979
The Cars with Nick Gilder (AR) 08/16/1979
Van Halen (AU) 08/21/1979
KISS (AU) 09/24/1979
ABBA (AU) 09/29/1979
Little River Band with J.J. Cale (AU) 10/19/1979
Bob Marley & The Wailers (AU) 11/12/1979
Head East (AU) 12/12/1979

Milwaukee Does (WBL) final home game (AR)  spring, 1980
ZZ Top (AU) 03/04/1980
The Whispers (AU) 03/07/1980
UFO (AR) 03/20/1980
Todd Rundgren (AU) 03/25/1980
Rick James: Fire It Up Tour with Prince & Teena Marie (AR) 04/07/1980
Van Halen (AR) 04/14/1980
Rush (AU) 04/17/80-04/19/1980
Rufus (AU) 05/01/1980
Tom Jones (AR) 05/20/1980
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band (AR) 05/21/1980
The Grateful Dead (AU) 05/30/1980
Genesis (AR) 06/07/1980
John Denver (AR) 06/08/1980
Ted Nugent (AR) 06/14/1980
Journey (AU) 6/26/1980
Billy Joel (AR) 07/14/80 & 07/15/1980
Heart (AR) 07/24/1980
The Commodores (AR) 08/17/1980
The Kinks (AU) 09/02/1980
Queen (AR) 09/10/1980
AC/DC (AU) 09/13/1980
Black Sabbath & Blue Oyster Cult: Black & Blue Tour (AR) 10/09/1980
Bruce Springsteen (AR) 10/14/1980
Jethro Tull with Whitesnake (AR) 10/18/1980
Gary Numan (AU) 10/28/1980
LTD (AU) 10/30/1980
Kansas (AR) 11/03/1980
The Bar-Kays (AR) 11/06/1980
The Rossington-Collins Band (AU) 11/09/1980
Frank Zappa (AU) 11/25/1980
Molly Hatchet (AR) 12/04/1980
The Imperials (AU) 12/16/1980
Head East (AU) 12/29/1980



Millie Jackson (AU) 02/06/1981
Cheap Trick (AR) 02/12/1981
Nazareth with April Wine (AU) 02/19/1981
Rush (AR) 03/02/1981
Kool and The Gang (AR) 03/19/1981
REO Speedwagon (AR) 03/30/1981
The Outlaws (AU) 04/16/1981
Pat Travers (AU) 04/25/1981
The Whispers (AR) 05/08/1981
Judas Priest (AU) 05/10/1981
Parliament/Funkadelics (AR) 06/04/1981
Styx (AR) 06/09/81 & 06/10/1981
Smokey Robinson & The Temptations (AU) 06/19/1981
The Imperials (AU) 06/25/1981
Van Halen (AR) 07/02/1981
Rick James (AR) 07/08/1981
Kenny Rogers (AR) 07/11/1981
Pat Benatar (AU) 08/20/1981
The Jacksons (AR) 08/26/1981
Emmylou Harris (AU) 08/29/1981
Cameo and Brick (AR) 10/08/1981
Bob Dylan (AU) 10/16/81 & 10/17/1981
Rock & Roll Revival (AR) 10/25/1981
Electric Light Orchestra (AR) 11/02/1981
Foreigner with Billy Squier (AR) 11/10/1981
Genesis (AR) 11/16/1981
AC/DC (AR) 11/17/1981
Earth, Wind & Fire (AR) 11/30/1981
Frank Zappa (AU) 12/01/1981
Triumph (AU) 12/11/1981
Prince (AR) 12/26/1981

Ozzy Osbourn (AU) 01/22/1982
The Cars (AU) 02/17/1982
The Marshall Tucker Band (AU) 02/26/1982
Kool and The Gang (AR) 03/17/1982
Kenny Rogers (AR) 06/04/1982
The O’Jays and Cameo (AR) 06/10/1982
John Denver (AR) 06/18/1982
Van Halen (AR) 08/16/1982
Diana Ross (AR) 09/03/1982
Jerry Lee Lewis (AU) 09/24/1982
April Wine (AR) 09/25/1982
ZZ Top with Shooting Star (AR) 10/01/1982
Rush with Rory Gallagher (AR) 10/09/1982
The Bill Gaither Trio (AU) 10/16/1982
Barry Manilow (AR) 10/20/1982
Billy Squier with Nazareth (AR) 11/02/1982
The Who (AR) 12/07/1982

Judas Priest (AU) 01/21/1983
Aerosmith with Pat Travers (AU) 01/29/1983
Phil Collins (AU) 02/03/1983
REO Speedwagon (AR) 02/14/1983
The Booze Brothers and The Britins (AU) 03/05/1983
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (AR) 03/14/1983
Triumph and Foghat (AR) 03/29/1983
Prince (AR) 04/07/1983
The Kinks (AU) 04/13/1983
George Jones (AU) 04/30/1983
Sammy Hagar and Molly Hatchet (AU) 05/03/1983
Styx (AR) 05/23/1983
Elvis Costello (AU) 08/26/1983
Robert Plant (AR) 08/31/1983
Lionel Ritchie (AR) 10/02/1983
The Gap Band (AR) 10/27/1983
John Michael Talbot (AU) 11/01/1983
Alabama and Juice Newton (AR) 11/05/1983
Genesis (AR) 11/10/1983
Atlantic Star and Jeffrey Osborne (AU) 12/05/1983

Quiet Riot (AU) 01/14/1984
Ricky Skaggs (AU) 01/28/1984
KISS (AU) 02/10/1984
Conway Twitty (AU) 02/18/1984
The Police with the X-Cleavers (AR) 02/20/1984
Ozzy Osbourn with Mötley Crüe (AR) 03/05/1984
Yes (AR) 03/10/1984
Culture Club (AU) 04/11/1984
50s Revival (AU) 04/14/1984
Lee Greenwood and Sylvia (AR) 04/30/1984
Frank Sinatra (AR) 05/14/1984
The Clash (AU) 05/14/1984
Merle Haggard, Ronnie Milsap and Ricky Skaggs (AR) 06/09/1984
Rush (AR) 06/25/1984
Ronnie James Dio with Twisted Sister (CC) 08/06/1984
The Pretenders with Simple Minds (AU) 08/18/1984
Wayne Newton (AU) 08/20/1984
Sammy Hagar (AU) 10/02/1984
Kenny Rogers (AR) 10/03/1984
B.B. King and Bobby Blue Bland (AU) 10/27/1984
Gospel Extravaganza (AU) 10/28/1984
Billy Squier (AR) 11/05/1984
Quiet Riot with Whitesnake (AU) 11/09/1984
First Milwaukee Wave game; Wave defeats Chicago Vultures 6-3 (AU) 11/10/1984
The Kinks (AU) 12/04/1984
Iron Maiden & Twisted Sister (AR) 12/19/1984
KISS (AU) 12/30/1984
Millie Jackson (CC) 12/31/1984

REO Speedwagon (AR) 01/14/1985
Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings (AR) 02/18/1985
The Firm (AR) 03/07/1985
Eddie Murphy (AR) 04/11/1985
Petra (AU) 05/27/1985
Diana Ross (AR) 05/29/1985
Fresh Festival II (AR) 06/26/1985
Luther Van Dross (AR) 07/28/1985
Jam-A-Tron (AR) 08/01/1985
Dire Straits (AU) 08/02/1985
R.E.M. (AU) 08/06/1985
RATT (AR) 09/22/1985
Fall Festival ’85 featuring Gapp, Zapp, Andre Cymone and Climax (AR) 10/24/1985
Merle Haggard, Eddie Rabit, Ricky Skaggs and Exile (AR) 10/25/1985
Motley Crue (AR) 10/30/1985
Supertramp (AR) 11/01/1985

KISS (AU) 01/20/1986
Twisted Sister and Dokken (AR) 01/31/1986
Heart (AR) 02/11/1986
Starship (AU) 03/10/1986
Rush (AR) 03/24/1986
Ozzy Osbourn (AR) 04/06/1986
Kenny Rogers, Le Greenwood and Sawyer Brown (AR) 04/23/1986
John Cougar Mellencamp (AR) 04/28/1986
Natalie Cole and Atlantic Star (AU) 04/30/1986
New Edition (AR) 06/04/1986
Run DMC with LL Cool J, Whodini, and the Beastie Boys (AR) 07/02/1986
Bob Hope (AR) 09/16/1986
Dr. Who (AU) 09/19/1986
Journey (AR) 09/26/1986
Lionel Ritchie (AR) 10/01/1986
Neil Young (AR) 10/12/1986
Emerson, Lake & Powell (AR) 10/22/1986
Stevie Winwood (AR) 11/06/1986
Al Jarreau (AR) 11/12/1986
Cameo (AR) 12/11/1986
RATT (AR) 12/29/1986

David Lee Roth (AR) 02/09/1987
Alice Cooper (AU) 02/10/1987
Bon Jovi (AR) 03/08/1987
Iron Maiden (AR) 03/10/1987
Beastie Boys (AR) 03/16/1987
Stryper (AU) 04/04/1987
Luther Van Dross (AR) 08/02/1987
Budweiser Show (multi-act) (AU) 08/16/1987
Eddie Murphy (AR) 09/24/1987
Fat Boys: The Wipe Out Tour (AR) 10/29/1987
Def Leppard (AR) 11/05/1987
Roger Waters (AR) 11/13/1987
Yes (AR) 11/24/1987
The Cars (AR) 11/27/1987
Jethro Tull (AU) 12/02/1987
Aerosmith (AR) 12/08/1987
The Bar-Kays (AR) 12/17/1987

KISS (AR) 01/07/1988
The O’Jays and Levert (AU) 01/29/1988
Ronnie James Dio with Megadeth & Savatage (AR) 2/22/1988
Rush (AR) 04/05/1988
David Lee Roth (AR) 04/27/1988
Slammin Tour (AR) 07/08/1988
Non-compete contract prohibits Arena marketing (AR) 07/16/88-07/15/1998
Run DMC with Public Enemy, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, and EPMD (AR) 07/21/1988
Jam ’88 (AR) 08/18/1988
SWATCH Impact Tour (skateboariding & freestyle bicycling) (AR) 09/09/1988
Sandy Patti (AU) 09/16/1988
New Edition (AR) 10/06/1988
Michael Dukakis (D) Vice Presidential campaign rally (AU) 11/2/1988
Country Explosion (AR) 11/11/1988
Metallica (AR) 11/22/1988
Public Enemy (AR) 12/08/1988
Ozzy Osbourn (AR) 12/15/1988

RATT (AU) 02/01/1989
Sam Kinison (AU) 02/07/1989
The Grateful Dead (AR) 04/15/1989 & 04/16/1989
Bobby Brown (AR) 05/12/1989
Rap Attack (AR) 06/16/1989
LL Cool J (AR) 08/10/1989
MC Hammer (AR) 09/04/1989
Tesla and Great White (AR) 10/06/1989
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Beck (AU) 10/27/1989
Andrew Dice Clay (AR) 11/24/1989

WMIL Country Concert (AU) 05/04/1990
Boogie Down Productions (AU) 09/26/1990
Ice Cube and Too Short (AU) 12/08/1990
Poison and Warrant (AR) 12/08/1990



Bad Company and Damn Yankees (AU) 02/26/1991
The Scorpions (AR) 04/05/1991
Cinderella (AR) 04/27/1991
X-Clan (AU) 05/10/1991
Queensryche (AR) 05/11/1991
Father MC (AU) 06/06/1991
Back to School Jam ’91 (AU) 10/11/1991
Sharon, Lois and Bram (AU) 11/03/1991
Gladiators (AR) 11/15/1991
Ozzy Osbourn (AU) 11/25/1991
Public Enemy (AR) 11/29/1991
The Allman Brothers and Little Feat (AU) 11/30/1991
Monster Trucks (AR) 12/07/1991
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Holiday Pops; Doc Severinson, Conductor (AU) 12/12/1991-12/15/1991
Harlem Globetrotters (AR) 12/31/1991

Milwaukee Tennis Classic (AU) 01/11/1992
Winter Classic Mini Nationals (midget cars) (AR) 01/24/1992-1/26/1992
Neil Diamond (AR) 02/14/1992-02/16/1992
Luciano Pavarotti (AR) 02/18/1992
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/19/1992-02/23/1992
WCW Wrestling (AR) 02/29/1992
Tesla (AR) 03/04/1992
WISAA High School Basketball Tournament (AR) 03/05/1992-03/07/1992
North-Lincoln High Schools Alumni Basketball Game (AR) 03/28/1992
Reba McEntire (AU) 04/03/1992
Monster Trucks (AR) 04/04/1992-04/05/1992
Bill Clinton (D) Presidential Campaign Rally (AR) 10/20/1992
WCW Wrestling (AR) 10/30/1992
Gallagher (AU) 11/14/1992
Bryan Adams (AR) 11/14/92
Def Leppard (AR) 11/16/1992
TheLittle Mermaid (AU) 11/24/1992
Bad Company (AU) 11/28/1992
Young Messiah (AU) 12/02/1992
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Holiday Pops; Doc Severinson, Conductor (AU) 12/10/1992-12/12/1992
Damn Yankees (AR) 12/13/1992
Harlem Globetrotters (AR) 12/31/1992

WCW Wrestling (AR) 01/13/1993
Milwaukee Tennis Classic (AU) 01/16/1993
Professional Boxing: Tryone Trice vs. Jake Torrence (AR) 02/05/1993
Monsters & Mavericks (monster trucks) (AR) 02/19/1993 & 02/20/1993
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/25/93-02/28/1993
WISAA High School Basketball Tournament (AR) 03/04/1993-03/06/1993
North-Lincoln High Schools Alumni Basketball Game (AR) 03/27/1993
Jesus Christ Superstar (AU) 04/02/1993-04/04/1993
Naughty by Nature (AU) 04/15/1993
Michael W. Smith (AU) 04/19/1993
Jesus Was His Name (AU) 04/21/1993-04/25/1993
Sawyer Brown (AU) 04/29/1993
Brooks & Dunn (AU) 05/21/1993
Pres. Bill Clinton (D) Foreign Policy Address (AU) 06/01/1993
Frankie Yankovic (AU) 07/23/1993
Dr. Dre: The Chronic Tour (AR) 09/15/1993
Nickelodeon Live (AU) 10/01/1993
Nirvana (AU) 10/26/1993
Dan Fogelberg (AU) 10/31/1993
Robert Plant (AR) 11/09/1993
Wizard of Oz (AU) 11/10/1993
John Denver Holiday Tour (AU) 12/03/1993
Nutcracker on Ice (AU) 12/08/1993
Harlem Globetrotters (AR) 12/31/1993

The O’Jays, The Whispers and Levert (AU) 01/01/1994
Milwaukee Tennis Classic (AU) 01/09/1994
Frankie Beverly and Maze (AU) 01/14/1994
Monsters & Mavericks (monster trucks) (AR) 01/28/1994 & 01/29/1994
Mini Grand Prix (go kart racing) (AR) 02/20/1994
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/24/94-02/27/1994
WISAA High School Basketball Tournament (AR) 03/03/1994 & 03/04/1994
Gallagher (AU) 03/27/1994
National Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament of Champions (AR) 04/18/1994-04/23/1994
Hair (AU) 04/19/1994 & 04/20/1994
Wizard of Oz (AU) 04/28/1994
Mexican Rodeo (AR) 05/29/1994
Phat Rap Pfest with Tupac Shakur, BOSS, Big Mike, Xscape and Spice 1 (AR) 09/03/1994
WCW Wrestling (AR) 11/12/1994
Melissa Etheridge (AU) 11/14/1994
Jesus Christ Superstar (AU) 12/02/94-12/04/1994
Harlem Globetrotters (AR) 12/31/1994

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (AU) 01/25/1995-01/29/1995
Nine Inch Nails (AR) 01/28/1995
Arenacross Nationals (AR) 02/10/1995-02/12/1995
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/23/1995-02/26/1995
WISAA High School Basketball Tournament (AR) 03/02/1995-03/04/1995
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (AR) 03/05/1995
Hank Williams, Jr. (AU) 03/23/1995
Ezekiel (AU) 03/25/1995
David Copperfield (AU) 04/09/1995
Sawyer Brown (AU) 04/14/1995
Queensryche (AR) 04/29/1995
Beastie Boys (AR) 05/22/1995
Back to School Jam ’95 (AU) 09/16/1995
Candlebox (AR) 11/03/1995
Bone, Thugs ‘N Harmony (AU) 11/11/1995
White Zombie (AU) 11/12/1995
Green Day (AU) 11/21/1995
MECCA Arena, MECCA Auditorium names reverts to “Milwaukee Arena” and “Milwaukee Auditorium” 11/22/1995
Harlem Globetrotters (AR) 12/31/1995

Milwaukee Tennis Classic (AU) 01/13/1996
Wu Tang Clan (AU) 01/27/1996
Mortal Kombat (AU) 02/11/1996
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/22/1996-02/25/1996
WISAA High School Basketball Tournament (AR) 03/01/1996 & 03/02/1996
North-Lincoln High Schools Alumni Basketball Game (AR) 03/09/1996
Ministry (AU) 04/06/1996
No Doubt and Bush (AR) 04/19/1996
Golden Gloves Boxing vs. Russia (AR) 04/20/1996
Ricky Bones’ Night of Stars with Ruben Blades & Son de Soleil (AU) 05/01/1996
WWF King of the Ring (AR) 06/22/1996
Sesame Street Live (AR) 10/03/1996-10/06/1996
American Boxing Classic (AU) 11/08/1996 & 11/09/1996
WWF Wrestling (AR) 11/09/1996
David Copperfield (AU) 11/14/1996
Stone Temple Pilots (AR) 12/13/1996
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Pops with Guy Lombardo’s Royal Canadians (AU) 12/28/1996 & 12/29/1996
Harlem Globetrotters (AR) 12/31/1996

Barney’s Big Surprise (AU) 01/02/97-01/05/1997
Pantera (AU) 01/10/1997
Milwaukee Tennis Classic (AU) 01/11/1997
WCW Clash of the Titans (AR) 01/21/1997
Monsters & Mavericks (monster trucks) (AR) 01/24/1997 & 01/25/1997
Kirk Franklin & Friends: Tour of Life (AU) 01/24/1997
Ultimate Super Bowl Party (AR) 01/26/1997
AMA Arenacross Series (AR) 02/07/1997
Olympic Soccer Match benefiting Children’s Hospital (AR) 02/16/1997
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/20/1997-02/23/1997
WISAA High School Basketball Tournament (AR) 03/06/1997-03/08/1997
Johnnie Taylor (AU) 04/06/1997
Green Bay Packers Exhibition Basketball Game (AR) 04/11/1997
North-Lincoln High Schools Alumni Basketball Game (AR) 04/12/1997
Marilyn Manson (AU) 04/25/1997
WWF Wrestling (AR) 05/04/1997
Lord of the Dance (AR) 05/09/97-05/10/1997
311 (AR) 08/14/1997
Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu (AU) 08/29/1997 & 08/30/1997
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Pops with Ray Charles (AR) 09/05/1997
WCW Monday Nitro (AR) 09/08/1997
Ballet Folklorico de Mexico (AU) 10/01/1997 & 10/02/1997
Rev. Louis Farakhan (AU) 10/16/1997
American Boxing Classic (AU) 10/17/97 10/18/1997
Motley Crue and Cheap Trick (AR) 10/17/1997
Emmanuel (AU) 12/07/1997
WWF Wrestling (AR) 12/26/1997
Harlem Globetrotters (AR) 12/31/1997

Pantera and Anthrax (AU) 01/31/1998
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/19/1998-02/22/1998
Rugrats Live (AU) 02/21/1998 & 02/22/1998
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Pops with Betty Buckley (AR) 02/24/1998
WISAA High School Basketball Tournament (AR) 03/1995/98-03/07/1998
WCW Wrestling (AR) 03/29/1998
Bolshoi Ballet (AU) 04/14/1998
The Kings of Comedy (AR) 06/12/1998
Tori Amos (AU) 07/15/1998
Arena non-compete contract ends 07/15/1998
Beastie Boys (AR) 08/11/1998
Tom Jones (AU) 09/10/1998
Davis Cup by NEC Semi Finals: USA vs. Italy (AR) 09/25/1998-09/27/1998
Vernard Johnson Gospel Concert (AU) 10/03/1998
WCW Wrestling (AR) 10/11/1998
American Boxing Classic (AU) 10/16/98 & 10/17/1998
Neil Diamond – Arena Grand Reopening (AR) 10/31/1998 & 11/01/1998
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Pops with Ben Vereen (AR) 11/15/1998
Marquette University Mens Basketball vs Northeastern (AR) 12/01/1998
A Country Christmas with Alabama (AR) 12/19/1998
Harlem Globetrotters (AR) 12/31/1998

1999 Milwaukee Tennis Classic (AU) 01/09/1999
Mystical Music & Dance of Tibet (AU) 01/22/1999
MEG Monster Nationals (monster trucks) (AR) 01/29/1999 & 01/30/1999
World’s Toughest Bulls and Broncs (AR) 02/06/1999 & 02/07/1999
Kirk Franklin’s Nu Nation Tour (AU) 02/07/1999
Mark Chesnutt, Gary Allen, Chelly Wright and Keith Harling (AU) 02/09/1999 & 02/10/1999
PJ1 Ultracross (AR) 02/19/99-02/21/1999
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/25/99-02/28/1999
Riverdance (AU) 03/03/99-03/20/1999
WISAA High School Basketball Tournament (AR) 03/04/1999-03/06/1999
WCW Wrestling (AR) 03/20/1999
Jay Z and DMX (AR) 04/02/1999
Ko Thi Dance Company (AU) 04/10/1999
Marilyn Manson (AU) 04/25/1999
Safe Night USA (AU) 06/05/1999
WCW Wrestling (AR) 06/27/1999
Roger Waters (tour launch) (AU) 07/23/1999
Milwaukee Metalfest XIII (AU) 07/30/1999 & 07/31/1999
Peter Lowe’s Success 1999 (AR) 09/14/1999
MU Men’s and Women’s Basketball Midnight Madness (AU) 10/15/1999
Creed with Our Lady Peace & Oleander (AR) 10/16/1999
Milwaukee Bucks Intrasquad Scrimmage (AR) 10/18/1999
Dr. Deepak Chopra (AU) 10/27/1999
Cash Money Millionaires Featuring Juvenile (AR) 10/29/1999
Bob Dylan with Phil Lesh & Friends (AR) 10/30/1999
Yes (AU) 11/13/1999
Marquette University Men vs. Worldwide Basketball (AR) 11/15/1999
WCW Monday Nitro (AR) 12/06/1999
Marquette University Mens Basketball vs. Dayton (AR) 12/07/1999
Lorie Line (AU) 12/22/1999
Marquette University Mens Basketball vs. Coppin State (AR) 12/29/1999
Harlem Globetrotters (AR) 12/31/1999

2000 Milwaukee Tennis Classic Tournament (AU) 01/07/2000 & 01/08/2000
USHRA Monster Jam (monster trucks) (AR) 01/14/2000 & 01/15/2000
Martin Luther King Hoopfest (AU) 01/17/2000
Winter Classic Mini Nationals (midget cars) (AR) 01/22/2000
World’s Toughest Rodeo (AR) 02/05/00 & 02/06/2000
Arenacross Nationals (AR) 02/11/00-02/13/2000
Milwaukee Symphony Pops with Johnny Mathis (AU) 02/12/2000
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/24/2000-02/27/2000
Gaither Homecoming Concert (AR) 03/04/2000
Milwaukee Arena is named “U.S. Cellular Arena” 03/07/2000
WISAA High School Basketball Tournament (AR) 03/09/2000-03/11/2000
Disney on Ice: The Little Mermaid (AR) 04/05/2000-04/09/2000
Nine Inch Nails (AR) 04/18/2000
Barry Manilow (AU) 04/28/2000
Milwaukee Public Schools Biennial Music Festival (AR) 05/10/2000 & 05/11/2000
United States Professional Volleyball (AU) 05/12/2000
Jack Koshick Presents Metalfest XIV (AU) 07/28/2000 & 07/29/2000
Changing Your World with Rev. Creflow (AU) 09/14/2000 & 09/15/2000
Disney on Ice: 75 Years of Disney Magic (AR) 10/04/2000-10/08/2000
Festival City Symphony with Charlotte Church (AU) 10/07/2000
Stone Temple Pilots and Disturbed (AU) 10/09/2000
MU Men’s and Women’s Basketball Midnight Madness (AR) 10/13/2000
George W. Bush (R) Presidential Campaign Rally (AU) 10/23/2000
Ralph Nader (Green) Presidential Campaign Rally (AU) 11/01/2000
Funk Festival 2000 with George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars, Cameo, Morris Day & The Time and the Sugar Hill Gang (AR) 11/18/2000
Prince and the New Power Generation (AU) 11/18/2000
Kenny Rogers: Christmas from the Heart (AU) 11/25/2000
WCW Mayhem Pay-per-View (AR) 11/26/2000
Firefighters Benefit with Bryan White & Mustang Sally (AU) 11/29/2000
The Offspring, Cypress Hill and MXPX (AR) 11/30/2000
Barney’s Musical Castle (AR) 12/08/2000-12/10/2000
Milwaukee Symphony Pops with Lou Rawls (AU) 12/09/2000
Lorie Line (AU) 12/22/2000
Pokemon Live (AR) 12/27/2000-12/31/2000



Winter Classic Mini Nationals (midget cars) (AR) 01/06/2001
2001 Milwaukee Tennis Classic (AU) 01/12/2001 & 01/13/2001
Dr. Martin Luther King Hoopfest (AR) 01/15/2001
USHRA Thunder Nationals (monster trucks) (AR) 01/26/2001 & 01/27/2001
Festival City Symphony with Melissa Manchester (AU) 01/27/2001
Wrenchhead.com National (AR)cross Series (AR) 02/09/01-02/11/2001
Milwaukee Symphony Pops with Garrison Keillor (AU) 02/14/2001
Bear in the Big Blue House Live (AU) 02/15/01-02/18/2001
World’s Toughest Bulls & Broncs (AR) 02/17/01 & 02/18/2001
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/23/01-02/25/2001
matchbox twenty, Everclear and Lifehouse (AR) 02/28/2001
Conference USA 2001 Women’s Basketball Tournament (AR) 03/20/2001-03/04/2001
Arena Football: Milwaukee Mustangs vs.Florida Bobcats (AR) 04/08/2001
Disney On Ice: Disney’s Jungle Adventures (AR) 04/25/2001-04/29/2001
U.S. Open Volleyball Championship (AR) 05/26/2001-06/02/2001
Crossing Over with John Edward (AU) 06/09/2001
Firefighters Benefit featuring Beatlemania (AU) 06/14/2001
Sweet Honey in the Rock (AU) 07/28/2001
Jack Koshick Presents Metalfest XV (AU) 08/10/2001 & 08/11/2001
Moscow State Circus (AU) 09/28/01-09/30/2001
The Guess Who and Joe Cocker (AR) 10/03/2001
Sisters of the Spirit featuring Shirley Caesar, Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary and Virtue (AU) 10/16/2001
Bob Dylan (AR) 10/28/2001
Milwauke Auditorium closes for renovations (AU) 11/01/01-11/07/2003

Rod Stewart (AR) 11/02/2001
Milwaukee Symphony Pops with Ray Charles (AR) 11/04/2001
Neil Diamond (AR) 11/14/2001 & 11/15/2001
Firefighters Benefit featuring The Bellamy Brothers and Lacy J. Dalton (AR) 11/16/2001
MSOE Raiders Men’s & Women’s Basketball Teams (AR) 11/20/2001-03/20/2004
Gaither Family Christmas Homecoming (AR) 11/30/2001
XWF Wrestling (AR) 12/29/2001

USHRA Thunder Nationals (monster trucks) (AR) 01/11/2002 & 01/12/2002
Disney on Ice: Beauty & The Beast (AR) 01/16/2002-01/20/2002
Dr. Martin Luther King Hoopfest (AR) 01/21/2002
Great Midwest Gymnastics Challenge (AR) 01/26/2002-01/27/2002
Speed Stick National Arenacross Series (AR) 02/08/2002-02/10/2002
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/21/02-02/24/2002
World’s Toughest Rodeo (AR) 03/09/02-03/10/2002
NCAA Mideast Regional Women’s Basketball Championships (AR) 03/23/2002-03/25/2002
Firefighter’s Benefit featuring the Classic Rock All-Stars (AR) 05/26/2002
Milwaukee Public Schools Biennial Music Festival (AR) 05/14/2002-05/16/2002
Jack Koshick Presents Metalfest XVI (AR) 07/26/2002 & 07/27/2002
TOOL (AR) 09/01/2002
Steven Curtis Chapman (AR) 10/10/2002
Dragon Tales Live (AR) 10/23/2002-10/27/2002
Firefighter’s Benefit featuring John Anderson and The Larkins (AR) 11/21/2002
Martina McBride’s Joy of Christma (AR) 12/20/2002

USHRA Thunder Nationals (monster trucks) (AR) 01/10/2003 & 01/11/2003
Great Midwest Gymastics Challenge (AR) 01/17/2003-01/19/2003
Dr. Martin Luther King Hoopfest (AR) 01/20/2003
Winter Jam (AR) 01/24/2003
Alan Jackson (AR) 02/01/2003
Speed Stick National Arenacross Series (AR) 02/07/2003-02/09/2003
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/20/2003-02/23/2003
Barney’s Colorful World (AR) 02/28/2003-03/02/2003
2003 Horizon League Championship Tournament (AR) 03/07/2003 & 03/08/2003
Def Leppard (AR) 03/29/2003
Disney on Ice: Disney Classics on Ice (AR) 04/03/2003-04/06/2003
Benefit for Firefighters starring Jay & The Techniques featuring Jay Proctor (AR) 05/02/2003
matchbox twenty with Sugar Ray & Maroon 5 (AR) 05/03/2003
Benny Hinn Ministries Crusade (AR) 05/20/2003-05/22/2003
Styx, Journey & REO Speedwagon (AR) 06/15/2003
2003 USA Gymnastics Tournament (AR) 06/16/2003-06/21/2003
Jack Koshick Presents Metalfest XVII (AR) 07/25/2003 & 07/26/2003
Bear in the Big Blue House Live: Surprise Party (AR) 10/09/2003-10/12/2003
Michael W. Smith (AR) 10/16/2003
Milwaukee Wave (MISL) Soccer Team (AR) 10/18/03-present
Firefighter’s Benefit featuring Marty Stuart (AR) 10/27/2003
The Milwaukee Theatre Grand Opening (MT) 11/07/03-11/09/2003
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra with Michael Feinstein (MT) 11/07/2003
Dennis DeYoung with the Festival City Pops (MT) 11/08/2003
Daniel Rodriguez with the Festival City Symphony (MT) 11/09/2003
UW-Milwaukee Panthers Men’s Basketball Team (home) (AR) 11/10/2003-present
Bill Cosby (MT) 11/22/2003
A Perfect Circle (MT) 11/30/2003
The Radio City Christmas Spectacular Starring the Rockettes (MT) 12/12/2003-12/28/2003
Martina McBride’s Joy of Christmas (AR) 12/21/2003

USHRA Thunder Nationals (monster trucks) (AR) 01/08/2004 & 01/09/2004
Disney on Ice: Toy Story 2 (AR) 01/14/2004-01/18/2004
Sting (MT) 02/02/2004
Winter Jam (MT) 02/07/2004
Josh Groban (MT) 02/08/2004
Urinetown: The Musical (MT) 02/10/2004-02/15/2004
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/26/2004-02/29/2004
Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Greendale (MT) 03/02/2004
2004 Horizon League Championship Tournament (AR) 03/09/2004
Miss Saigon (MT) 03/16/2004-03/21/2004
2004 NIT Tournament Round 1 (AR) 03/17/2004
The Newsboys and Rebecca St. James (MT) 03/25/2004
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra with Garrison Keillor (MT) 04/03/2004
WMCS-AM 25th Anniversary Concert featuring The O’Jays (MT) 04/10/2004
Daniel O’Donnell (MT) 04/17/2004
Riverdance (MT) 04/27/04-2004/29/2004
Donnie McClurkin and Mary Mary (MT) 04/30/2004
Milwaukee Public Schools Biennial Music Festival (AR) 05/05/04 & 05/06/2004
Harry Connick, Jr. (MT) 05/07/2004
Great High Mountain Tour with Alison Krauss & Union Station (MT) 05/09/2004
Fame: The Musical (MT) 05/11/2004-05/16/2004
David Bowie (MT) 05/19/2004
Firefighters Benefit featuring the Cast of Beatlemania (AR) 05/22/2004
An Afternoon with Sylvia Browne (MT) 07/18/2004
Oliver! (MT) 07/20/2004-07/25/2004
Diana Krall (MT) 08/10/2004
Clay Aiken (AR) 08/27/2004
Norah Jones (MT) 09/10/2004
Fosse (MT) 09/24/04 09/26/2004
Ludacris (AR) 09/25/2004
Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus (AR) 09/29/2004-10/03/2004
Michael Moore (MT) 10/10/2004
Wynonna Judd (MT) 10/16/2004
Keith Urban (MT) 11/04/2004
Steven Curtis Chapman (AR) 11/05/2004
The Pixies (MT) 11/09/2004
Green Day with New Found Glory and Sugarcult (AR) 11/09/2004
Firefighters Benefit featuring Sammy Kershaw (MT) 11/18/2004
Jerry Seinfeld (MT) 12/04/2004
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Pops with LeeAnn Rimes (MT) 12/19/2004

Disney on Ice: Walt Disney’s 100 Years of Magic (AR) 01/27/2005-01/30/2005
Dora the Explorer Live: Dora’s Pirate Adventure (MT) 02/04/2005-02/06/2005
Josh Groban (AR) 02/19/2005
The King and I starring Stefanie Powers (MT) 02/22/2005-02/27/2005
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/25/2005-02/28/2005
2005 Horizon League Championship Tournament (AR) 03/04/2005-03/08/2005
Motley Crue (AR) 03/12/2005
Thoroughly Modern Millie (MT) 03/15/2005-03/20/2005
Living Proof Live with Beth Moore (MT) 04/22/2005-04/23/2005
Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan (MT) 04/26/2005-05/01/2005
BEYOND BELIEF: Bold Truth with Josh McDowell (AR) 04/27/2005
Donnie McClurkin, Jaci Velasquez, New Breed and Salvador (MT) 05/14/2005
2005 Major Indoor Soccer League Championship Game 1 (AR) 05/14/2005
Daniel O’Donnell (MT) 06/10/2005
Mario, B5, 112 and Bobby Valentino (AR) 07/01/0205
Chris Tucker (MT) 07/12/2005
Gladys Knight (MT) 07/14/2005
Mark Knopfler (MT) 07/16/2005
And1 Mix Tape Tour 2005 (AR) 08/04/2005
Kennneth Copeland Ministries (AR) 08/22/2005-08/27/2005
Ron White: Drunk in Public 2005 (MT) 10/01/2005
Judas Priest and Anthrax: Angel of Retribution Tour (AR) 10/01/2005
Five by Design’s Radio Days (MT) 10/08/2005
Celtic Woman (MT) 10/21/2005
Alison Krauss & Union Station Featuring Jerry Douglas (MT) 10/22/2005
Dolly Parton: The Vintage Tour (MT) 10/30/2005
Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail (MT) 11/10/2005-11/13/2005
United States Bowling Congress 2005 Bowlfest & PBA Master Tournament Finals (AR) 11/19/2005-11/20/2005
Golda’s Balcony starring Valerie Harper (MT) 11/29/2005-12/04/2005
Boston Pops 2005 Holiday Tour (MT) 12/06/2005
Broadway Christmas on Ice starring Dorothy Hamill & Davis Gaines (MT) 12/15/2005
Lorie Line: My Favorite Things (MT) 12/22/2005

Freestyle Motocross (AR) 01/14/06 & 01/15/2006
Dr. Martin Luther King Hoopfest (AR) 01/15/2006
Brad Paisley: Time Well Wasted 2006 featuring Sara Evans with special guest Billy Currington (AR) 01/27/2006
Disney on Ice: Disney/Pixar’s Monsters Inc. (AR) 02/01/2006-02/05/2006
Time Warner Cable presents Broadway Junior: After Schoolsical Musical (MT) 02/10/2006
Major Indoor Soccer League 2006 All Star Game (AR) 02/11/2006
Ladies Night Out featuring Ginuwine, Jagged Edge, Donell Jones, Case and Ne-Yo (MT) 02/16/2006
A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor (MT) 02/18/2006
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/23/2006-02/26/2006
Juanes: The Mi Sangre Tour (MT) 02/25/2006
2006 Horizon League Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament (AR) 03/03/2006-03/07/2006
Kirk Franklin & Mary Mary: The Hero Tour (MT) 03/05/2006
FIRST Robotics 2006 Wisconsin Regional Competition (AR) 03/23/2006-03/25/2006
Rent (MT) 03/23/2006-03/26/2006
Christian Faith Fellowship Church SUPER RESURRECTION SUNDAY with Yolanda Adams (MT) 04/16/2006
Black Clouds & Underdogs Tour: Fall Out Boy, All-American Rejects, Hawthorne Heights and The Hush Sound (AR) 04/18/2006
Barney LIVE! The Let’s Go Tour (MT) 04/22/2006 & 04/23/2006
R. Kelly as Mr. Show Biz: The Light It Up Tour (MT) 04/28/2006
Andre Rieu & the Johann Strauss Orchestra (MT) 04/29/2006
Bebe Neuwirth sings Weill & Kander & Ebb with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MT) 05/05/2006
Milwaukee Public Schools Biennial Music Festival (AR) 05/10/2006 & 05/11/2006
John Prine (MT) 05/13/2006
An Evening with Sylvia Browne (MT) 06/15/2006
And1 Mix Tape Tour 2006 (AR) 07/09/2006
Benefit for Firefighters starring Lee Greenwood (MT) 07/13/2006
Kennneth Copeland Ministries (AR) 08/21/2006-08/26/2006
So You Think You Can Dance Live (MT) 09/23/2006
Cheetah Girls with Vanessa Hudgens (MT) 11/14/2006
Leahy (MT) 11/15/2006
Jerry Seinfeld (MT) 11/17/2006
Boston Pops 2006 Family Christmas Tour conducted by Keith Lockhart (MT) 12/06/2006
Man of la Mancha (MT) 12/15/2006 & 12/16/2006
Lorie Line 2006 Holiday Tour (MT) 12/20/2006

Jesus Christ Superstar (MT) 01/12/2007 & 01/13/2007
Disney on Ice Presents Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey (AR) 02/07/2007-02/11/2007
Chris Tomlin: how great is our God tour (MT) 02/09/2007
Oz With Orchestra featuring the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MT) 02/17/2007
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/22/2007-02/25/2007
Wonderful Town (MT) 02/23/2007 & 02/24/2007
FIRST Robotics 2007 Wisconsin Regional Competition (AR) 03/08/2007-03/10/2007
Tyler Perry’s What’s Done In The Dark (MT) 03/07/2007-03/09/2007
Harry Connick, Jr. (MT) 04/06/2007
Street Dream Tour: Young Jeezy, Lil’ Wayne & Baby, Jim Jones and Rich Boy (AR) 04/12/2007
Celtic Woman (MT) 04/15/2007
Chicago: The Musical (MT) 05/11/2007-05/13/2007
Andre Rieu & the Johann Strauss Orchestra (AR) 05/23/2007
Daniel O’Donnell (MT) 06/04/2007
Wynton Marsalis & the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Odadaa!: Congo Square (MT) 06/19/2007
Steve Solomon’s My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish & I’m In Therapy (MT) 09/08/2007
Go Diego Go Live! The Great Jaguar Rescue! (MT) 10/05/2007-10/07/2007
Ron White (MT) 10/13/2007
Rent (MT) 10/26/2007 & 10/27/2007
Anuna: Celtic Origins (MT) 11/02/2007
The Wiggles: Racing To The Rainbow Live (MT) 11/03/2007
Billy Ray Cyrus (MT) 11/10/2007
Cirque Eloize: RAIN (MT) 11/1620/2007 & 11/17/2007
Casting Crowns (MT) 11/30/07
A Polish Christmas at the Milwaukee Theatre with the Lira Ensemble (MT) 12/02/2007
Lorie Line: The Glory of Christmas (MT) 12/07/2007
A Year With Frog & Toad (MT) 12/08/2007
Holiday Jam featuring Lil Wayne with Soulja Boy and Playaz Circle (AR) 12/28/2007

Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash (MT) 01/04/2008 & 01/05/2008
Disney’s The Lion King (MT) 02/03/2008-03/02/2008
Disney’s High School Musical: The Ice Tour (AR) 02/07/2008-02/10/2008
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/21/2008-02/24/2008
Cream City Blues Festival featuring Mel Waiters, Latimore, Floyd Taylor, Bobby Blue Bland, Billy Soul Bonds,Shirley Brown, Sir Charles Jones & Marvin Sease (AR) 02/29/2008
FIRST Robotics 2008 Wisconsin Regional Competition (AR) 3/13/2008-3/15/2008
Milwaukeee Bonecrushers (CIFL) inaugural game, versus Chicago Slaughter (AR) 03/21/2008
Milwaukee Showcase Concert (MT) 04/09/2008
The Ahn Trio (MT) 04/10/2008
The President’s Own United States Marine Band (MT) 04/11/2008
The President’s Own United States Marine Chamber Ensemble (MT) 04/12/2008
Jesus Christ Superstar (MT) 04/15/2008-04/16/2008
Andre Rieu & the Johann Strauss Orchestra (AR) 04/16/2008
My Little Pony Live: The World’s Biggest Tea Party (MT) 04/1820/08-04/20/2008
42nd Biennial Milwaukee Public Schools Music Festival (MT) 05/07/2008-05/08/2008
A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor (MT) 05/10/2008
International Takeover featuring T.I., Keyshia Cole, Young Jeezy, Plies, Shawty Lo and Rocko (AR) 07/05/2008
The Rat Pack is Back! (MT) 09/19/2008-09/20/2008
Robin Williams (MT) 09/28/2008
Randy Jackson presents America’s Best Dance Crew Live (MT) 10/04/2008
JAMFEST 2008 featuring Lil Boosie & Webbie, Yung Berg and Hurricane Chris (AR) 10/11/2008
GET OUT AND VOTE 2008 2008 with The Beastie Boys, Ben Harper, Crosby & Nash and Tenacious D (AR) 11/02/2008
Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra (MT) 11/12/2008
Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring The Rockettes (AR) 11/13/08-11/16/2008
2008 Fresh Coast Basketball Classic (AR) 11/28/08-11/29/2008
The Cheetah Girls: One World Tour (AR) 12/05/2008
Disney Live! Winnie The Pooh (MT) 12/07/2008
Celtic Thunder (MT) 12/16/2008
The Christmas Music of Mannheim Steamroller by Chip Davis (MT) 12/22/2008-12/23/2008

Oliver! (MT) 01/02/09-01/03/2009
Disney on Ice Celebrates 100 Years of Magic (AR) 02/05/2009-02/08/2009
Celtic Woman: Isle of Hope (MT) 02/14/2009
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 2/26/09-03/01/2009
Neil Berg’s 100 Years of Broadway (MT) 03/01/2009
FIRST Robotics 2009 Wisconsin Regional Competition (AR) 03/12/2009-03/14/2009
2009 Milwaukee Blues Festival featuring Bobby “Blue” Bland, Willie Clayton, Shirley Brown, Floyd Taylor, Theodis Ealey, Sir Charles Jones & Bobby Rush (MT) 03/13/2009
Dora the Explorer Live: Search for the City of Lost Toys (MT) 03/14/2009-03/15/2009
Rain – A Tribute to The Beatles (MT) 03/20/2009
Spring Jam 2009 with Gucci Mane, Trey Songz, Colby O’Donis & special guest Bow Wow (AR) 03/21/2009
Drumline Live (MT) 03/22/2009
The Pajama Game (MT) 03/27/09-03/28/2009
Black Collar Comedy Tour with Sommore, J. Anthony Brown, Damon Williams and Pierre (MT) 04/2004/2009
Ain’t Misbehavin’ starring Ruben Studdard & Frenchie Davis (MT) 04/24/2009-04/25/2009
Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy (MT) 05/05/09-05/06/2009
James Taylor & His Band: The Down Home Tour (MT) 05/09/2009
Keyshia Cole: A Different Me Tour with The Dream, Keri Hilson and Bobby V (MT) 05/14/2009
Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra (MT) 05/22/2009
The Wizard of Oz (MT) 06/05/2009-06/07/2009
Steve Harvey: The Tear Your Mouth Out Tour (MT) 06/13/2009
Jamie Foxx: The Intuition Tour (MT) 07/30/2009
Daniel O’Donnell (MT) 08/18/2009
Milwaukee Theatre/Milwaukee Auditorium 100th Anniversary (MT) 09/21/2009
Say Goodnight Gracie (MT) 09/26/2009
Brew City Brawl (boxing) (AR) 10/03/2009
Paul Mooney (MT) 10/09/2009
David Copperfield: An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion (MT) 10/16/2009
The Wiggles Go Bananas Live! (MT) 10/18/2009
Kelly Clarkson: All I Ever Wanted Tour with Parachute (MT) 10/23/2009
Abba Mania (MT) 10/27/2009
STOMP (MT) 11/06/2009-11/07/2009
Tyler Perry’s Laugh To Keep From Crying (MT) 11/13/2009-11/14/2009
R Kelly: Ladies Make Some Noise Tour (MT) 11/15/2009
Playhouse Disney Live (MT) 12/04/2009-12/05/2009
Annie (MT) 12/18/2009-12/19/2009

Disney on Ice presents Princess Classics (AR) 02/04/2010-02/07/2010
Jesus Christ Superstar starring Ted Neeley (MT) 02/13/2010
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/25/2010-02/28/2010
Speedway Horizon League 2010 Champioship Round 1 – UWM vs. UIC (AR) 03/02/2010
Hairspray (MT) 03/05/2010-03/06/2010
2010 Milwaukee Blues Festival featuring Bobby “Blue” Bland, Bobby Rush, Theodis Ealey, OB Buchana, Millie Jackson and Ms. Jody (MT) 03/13/2010
Rain – A Tribute to The Beatles (MT) 03/14/2010
Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family (AR) 03/16/2010
One Night of Queen performed by Gary Mullen & The Works (MT) 03/18/2010
Celtic Woman: Songs From the Heart (MT) 03/25/2010
Daughtry with special guests Lifehouse & Cavo (AR) 04/07/2010
Shen Yun Performing Arts (MT) 04/23/2010-04/24/2010
Nickelodeon Presents Storytime Live (MT) 04/30/2010-05/01/2010
Brewcity Bruisers 2010 Championship Bout (AR) 05/08/2010
Mo’Nique: Spread the Love Tour (MT) 05/08/2010
Maze featuring Frankie Beverly (MT) 06/05/2010
2010 Arena Football League Seminfinal: Milwaukee Iron vs. Chicago Rush (A) 08/07/2010
President Barrack Obama (D) speech (A) 08/16/2010
Trey Songz with Monica: Passion, Pain & Pleasure Tour (MT) 08/21/2010
Jim Gaffigan (MT) 09/16/2010
Milwaukee Gospel Celebration (MT) 09/25/2010
Neil Berg’s 100 Years of Broadway (MT) 10/22/2010
Chelsea Handler: Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang Tour (MT) 11/05/2010
Cirque Dreams Holidaze  (MT) 11/19/10-11/20/2010
Drumline Live  (MT) 11/26/2010
Disney Live: Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show (MT) 12/04/2010-12/05/2010
Monty Python’s Spamalot  (MT) 12/10/2010-12/11/2010
Blowing Money Fast Tour featuring Rick Ross (AR) 12/16/2010
The Christmas Music of Mannheim Steamroller by Chip Davis (MT) 12/22/2010-12/23/2010



Men of Tomorrow Benefit featuring Marvin Sapp (MT) 01/07/2011
Brewcity Bruisers 2011 Season Bout #1 (AR) 01/08/2011
Riverdance (MT) 02/04/11-02/05/2011
Disney On Ice presents Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey (AR) 02/10/2011-02/13/2011
2011 Milwaukee Blues Festival with The Manhattans featuring Gerald Alston & Blue Lovette, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Sir Charles Jones, Denise LaSalle, Floyd Taylor and Bobby Rush (AR) 02/18/2011
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/23/2011-02/27/2011
Horizon League 2011 Championship Tournament (AR) 03/04/2011-03/0820/2011
Mike Epps & Friends with special guest Sheryl Underwood (MT) 03/12/2011
Imagination Movers Live: In A Big Warehouse Tour (MT) 03/18/2011
Brewcity Bruisers 2011 Bout #3 (AR) 03/19/2011
Yanni In Concert (MT) 03/24/2011
Legends of Hip Hop with Salt n Pepa, Naughty by Nature, Kool Moe Dee, Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick (MT) 04/09/2011
Disney’s Beauty And The Beast (MT) 04/15/2011-04/17/2011
Brewcity Bruisers 2011 Semi-Final Bout (AR) 04/15/2011
Celtic Woman (MT) 04/27/2011
Rock of Ages (MT) 04/29/2011-05/01/2011
Old School Music Festival with The Bar-Kays, Sugarfoot’s Ohio Players, ConFunkShun, Slave, Zapp & Shirley Murdock (AR) 05/07/2011
James Taylor (MT) 05/07/2011
Brewcity Bruisers 2011 Championship Bout (AR) 05/14/2011
Janet Jackson: Number Ones, Up Close & Personal Tour (MT) 08/14/2011
Tyler Perry Presents The Haves And The Have Nots (MT) 10/7/2011-10/8/2011
Il Volo (MT) 10/23/2011
Rodgers & Hammerstein’s South Pacific (MT) 10/28/2011-10/30/2011
PULSE Milwaukee with LeCrae, K.B. Tadashi, Family Force 5 & Flatfoot 56 (AR) 11/01/2011
Frankie Beverly & Maze (MT) 11/05/2011
Laugh Until You’re Full Comedy Tour (MT) 11/19/2011
Disney Live Presents Three Classic Fairy Tales (MT) 11/20/2011
John Tesh Big Band Christmas (MT) 12/09/2011

Royal Comedy Tour with Sommore, Bruce Bruce, Earthquake & Tony Rock (MT) 02/12/2012
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/23/2012-02/26/2012
Trey Songs with Big Sean: Anticipation 2our (MT) 02/25/2012
Disney on Ice Presents Treasure Trove (AR) 03/01/2012-03/04/2012
Rain – A Tribute to The Beatles (MT) 03/01/2012
The All-New Original Tribute to The Blues Brothers (MT) 03/08/2012
6th Annual Milwaukee Blues Festival with Sir Charles Jones, Mel Waiters, Bobby Bland, Shirley Brown, Theodis Ealey, Bobby Rush & Floyd Taylor with the Johnny Taylor Revue (MT) 03/09/2012
A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor (MT)0 3/31/2012
Mike Epps: I’m Still Standing Tour (MT) 04/01/2012
Shrek The Musical (MT) 04/05/2012-04/08/2012
Brewcity Bruisers 2012 Semi-Final Bout (AR) 04/14/2012
Daniel Tosh: Tosh Tour Twenty Twelve (MT) 04/20/2012
“O Music”: the 44th Annual Milwaukee Public Schools Biennial Music Festival (MT) 05/02/2012-05/03/2012
In The Heights (MT) 05/04/12-2005/05/2012
Brewcity Bruisers 2012 Championship Bout (AR) 05/05/2012
New Edition (AR) 06/08/2012
Latvian Song & Dance Festival (MT & AR) 07/04/2012-07/08/2012
#1 Girl Tour with Mindless Behavior, Jacob Latimore & Li’l Twist (MT) 07/27/2012
Barry Manilow (MT) 08/04/2012
President Barack Obama (D) campaign rally (MT) 09/22/2012
Titanic: The Musical (MT) 10/12/2012-10/13/2012
Theodore Roosevelt Assassination Attempt 100th Anniversary Reenactment (MT) 10/14/2012
Natalie Merchant with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MT) 10/27/2012
So You Think You Can Dance Live (MT) 11/02/2012
R. Kelly with special guest Tamia: The Single Ladies Tour (MT) 11/10/2012
Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival (MT) 11/18/2012
The Christmas Music of Mannheim Steamroller by Chip Davis (MT) 11/25/2012
Martina McBride: The Joy of Christmas (MT) 12/01/2012
Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain (MT) 12/15/2012

A Chorus Line (MT) 01/04/2013-01/05/2013
Winter Jam 2013 w/ TobyMac, RED, Matthew West, Jamie Grace, Sidewalk Prophets, Royal Tailor & more (AR) 02/01/2013
Elvis Lives: The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Tour (MT) 02/08/2013
Royal Comedy Tour with Sommore, Bruce Bruce, Earthquake & Mark Curry (MT) 02/10/2013
Disney on Ice presents 100 Years of Magic (AR)0 2/14/2013-02/17/2013
Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy (MT) 02/14/2013
Shen Yun Performing Arts (MT) 02/19/13-02/20/2013
Lord of the Dance created by Michael Flatley (MT) 03/01/2013
Leonard Cohen: Old Ideas World Tour (MT) 03/15/2013
Mike Epps with Dominique (MT) 03/29/2013
Green Day’s American Idiot (MT) 04/12/2013-04/13/2013
Celtic Woman (MT) 04/14/2013
Scooby Doo Live: Musical Mysteries (MT) 04/21/2013
Façade: An Entertainment (MT) 04/25/2013-04/27/2013
Brewcity Bruisers 2013 Championships (AR) 05/11/2013-05/12/2013
Larry the Cable Guy (MT) 05/28/2013
2013 Midwest Brew Ha Ha Roller Derby Tournament (AR) 05/31/2013-06/02/2013
Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Orchestra at Temple Square (MT) 06/17/2013
Menopause The Musical (MT) 09/13/2013
Kid Cudi: The Cud Life Tour with Tyler The Creator & Logic (AR) 09/18/2013
Rod Stewart (MT) 10/12/2013
Indigo Girls with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MT) 10/24/2013
Rain – A Tribute to The Beatles (MT) 10/25/2013
Chris Tomlin: The Burning Lights Tour with Louis Giglio (MT) 10/26/2013
Hello Dolly! starring Sally Struthers (MT) 11/01/2013-11/02/2013
Katt Williams: Katt is Back Tour (MT) 11/01/2013
Women’s Flat Track Derby Association 2013 International Championships (AR) 11/8/2013-11/10/2013
Disney Live: Three Classic Fairy Tales (MT) 11/16/2013
Mythbusters Behind the Myths (MT) 12/04/2013
The Rat Pack Is Back (For the Holidays) (MT) 12/07/2013

AMSOIL Arenacross (AR) 01/31/2014-02/02/2014
Disney on Ice presents Passport to Adventure (AR) 02/6/14-2/9/2014
Godspell (MT) 02/07/2014-02/08/2014
Rickey Smiley’s Laugh-A-Thon Comedy Tour (MT) 03/15/2014
Shen Yun Performing Arts (MT) 03/05/2014-03/06/2014
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 03/06/2014-03/09/2014
Tyler Perry’s Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned (MT) 04/06/2014
Casting Crowns: The Thrive Tour with Laura Story & for King & Country (MT) 04/11/2014
Keith Sweat & Mint Condition (MT) 04/19/2014
Bring It On (MT) 04/24/2014
45th Biennial Milwaukee Public Schools Music Festival (AR) 05/07/2014-05/8/2014
Bel Canto Chorus and Boy Choirs present Carmina Burana (MT) 5/21/2014
2014 Midwest BrewHaHa Roller Derby Tournament (AR) 5/30/2014-6/01/2014
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds with Warpaint (MT) 06/20/2014
Il Volo with the Wisconsin Philharmonic (MT) 06/21/2014
Arena becomes “UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena” (AR) 07/01/2014
Lil’ Boosie: Touchdown to Cause Hell Tour (AR) 08/01/2014
Robert Irvine Live (MT) 10/09/2014
Hunting Moon Pow Wow (AR) 10/17/2014-10/19/2014
Bastille: “Bad Blood” the Last Stand, with Grizfolk (MT) 10/18/2014
Mike Epps: The After Dark Tour (MT) 10/25/2014
Disney’s The Lion King (MT) 11/11/14-12/07/2014
Disney Junior Live: Pirate & Princess Adventure (AR) 11/15/2014
Toby Mac with Matt Maher & Ryan Stevenson (MT) 12/13/2014

Dancing Pros Live (MT) 01/17/2015
Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove (AR) 02/05/2015-02/08/2015
Mil-Town Laugh-a-Thon starring Bruce Bruce, Huggy Low-Down, Pierre, Mike Bonner & Dominique (MT) 02/14/2015
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/26/15-03/01/2015
Chris Tomlin: Love Ran Red Tour featuring Tenth Avenue North and Rend Collective (AR) 03/13/2015
An Evening with Vince Gill & Friends featuring Ashley Monroe, Charlie Worsham and Jenny Gill (MT) 03/22/2015
Jagged Edge with guests 112, Cincere, Rodney Poe & G. Womack (MT) 03/27/2015
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons (MT) 04/10/2015
Gaither Vocal Band (MT) 04/18/2015
Chuggington Live! (MT) 05/10/2015
S.T.O.P. Awards Show (AR) 05/21/2015
Midwest BrewHaHa (AR) 6/5/2015-06/7/2015
Josh Turner & Raquel Cole (MT) 8/21/2015
Fantasia & Her Friends featuring Raheem De Vaughn & El De Barge (MT) 09/13/2015
The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses – Master Quest (MT) 10/03/2015
Hunting Moon Pow Wow (AR) 10/16/2015-10/18/2015
Skate America 2015 (AR) 10/23/2015-10/25/2015
Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard (MT) 10/24/2015
Theresa Caputo Live: The Experience (MT) 10/25/2015
Katt Williams: Conspiracy Theory (AR) 10/30/2015
Milwaukee Theatre Paranormal Investigation (MT) 10/30/2015
Republican Party Presidential Primary Debates (MT) 11/10/2015
Festival of Praise starring Fred Hammond & Donnie McClurkin with Kim Burrell & Israel Houghton (MT) 11/22/2015

Sesame Street Live Make a New Friend (MT) 01/09/2016-01/10/2016
Ragtime The Musical (MT) 02/10/2016
Valentine’s Weekend Laugh-A-Thon with DeRay Davis, Don “DC” Curry, Michael Blackson & Damon Williams (MT) 02/13/2016
Flat-Out Friday Indoor Flat-Track Motorcycle Racing (AR) 02/19/2016
Shen Yun Performing Arts (MT) 02/20/2016 & 02/21/2016
STOMP (MT) 02/25/2016
A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor (MT) 03/05/2016
Marvel Universe Live (AR) 03/17/2016-03/20/2016
Riverdance 20th Anniversary Edition (MT) 03/30/2016-03/31/2016
Royal Comedy Tour with Sommore, Earthquake, Arnez J & Gary Owen (MT) 04/01/2016
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 04/01/2016-04/04/2016
Donald Trump (R) Campaign Rally (MT) 04/04/2016
Bernie Sanders(D)  Campaign Rally (CC) 04/04/2016
Lee Brice “Life Off My Years Tour” with Maddie & Tae and Dylan Scott (MT) 04/07/2016
Tyler Perry’s Madea On The Run (MT) 04/08/2016-04/09/2016
Toby Mac: Hits Deep Tour with Britt Nicole, Colton Dixon, Building 429, Capital Kings, Finding Favour and Hollyn (AR) 04/09/2016
Amy Grant: Live Life Together Tour with Nichole Nordeman and Ellie Holcomb (MT) 04/27/2016
Alan Jackson with special guest Lauren Alaina (AR) 04/29/2016
Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Event (AR) 04/30/2016
46th Biennial Milwaukee Public Schools Music Festival (AR) 05/04/2016-05/05/2016
Bel Canto Chorus with the Orchid Ensemble: Travels on the Silk Road (MT) 05/18/2016
The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire with Dan & Phil (MT) 05/29/2016
2016 Midwest BrewHaHa Roller Derby Tournament (AR)0 6/03/2016-06/05/2016
Celtic Woman: The Destiny Tour (MT) 06/11/2016
Pure Fighting Championships 4 (AR) 06/11/2016
Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy with O.T. Genasis (AR) 06/12/2016
Anthony Hamilton with Avant and Avery Sunshine (MT) 07/15/2016
Nicky Cruz (MT) 07/30/2016
Songs & Stories with Steven Curtis Chapman, Mac Powell & Brandon Heath (MT) 09/21/2016
Celtic Thunder (MT) 09/25/2016
Love Jones The Musical (MT) 09/29/2016
Spend the Night With Alice Cooper (MT) 10/06/2016
Mama Tried’s Flat-Out Friday Indoor Flat-Track Motorcycle Racing (AR) 10/07/2016
Megadeth with special guests Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies, Metal Church and Butcher Babies (AR) 10/08/2016
Hunting Moon Pow Wow (AR) 10/14/2016-10/16/2016
Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound (MT) 10/15/2016
Milwaukee Admirals vs. Iowa Wild (first home game after returning to Arena) (AR) 10/29/2016
The Moody Blues (MT) 11/05/2016
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons (MT) 11/17/2016
The Oak Ridge Boys Christmas Celebration (MT) 11/30/2016
The Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker (MT) 12/03/2016

Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music (MT) 01/14/2017-01/15/2017
Daya (Admirals post-game concert) (AR) 01/27/2017
The Newsboys: Love Riot Tour (MT) 02/2/2017
Eli Young Band (Admirals post-game concert) (AR) 02/10/2017
11th Annual Valentine’s Weekend Laugh-A-Thon starring DeRay Davis, Aries Spears, Lil Duval, Sip Sippi, and T-Dot (MT) 02/11/2017
Casting Crowns with special guests Danny Gokey and Unspoken (MT) 02/23/2017
2017 Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/23/2017-2/26/2017
Katt Williams: The Great America Tour (MT) 02/24/2017
American Made Tour starring Lee Brice, Justin Moore, & special guest William Michael Morgan (MT)0 2/25/2017
UW-Milwaukee Distinguished Lecture Series presents Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (MT) 03/02/2017
Shen Yun 2017 World Tour (MT) 03/03/2017-03/05/2017
Patti Smith & Her Band (MT) 03/09/2017
7th Annual Milwaukee Blues Festival with Sir Charles Jones, Willie Clayton, Ms. Jody, Pokey Bear, Bishop Bullwinkle and TK Soul (MT) 03/10/2017
Cheap Trick (Admirals post-game concert) (AR)0 3/10/2017
Chris Rock: Total Blackout Tour (MT) 03/13/2017
Gaither Vocal Band (MT) 03/24/2017
Dan+Shay (Admirals post-game concert) (AR) 04/08/2017
Worship Night In America Tour Featuring Chris Tomlin, Big Daddy Weave, Phil Wickham, Zach Williams, Mosaic MSC and Jason Barton (AR) 04/09/2017
Paw Patrol Live: Race to the Rescue (MT) 04/15/2017-04/16/2016
Imparables El Show (MT) 04/21/2017
Festival of Laughs starring MIKE EPPS, Rickey Smiley, Bruce Bruce & Felipe Esparza (MT) 04/22/2017
Bethel Music Worship Night (MT) 04/24/2017
Milwaukee Theatre officially becomes Miller High Life Theatre (MT) 04/25/2017
Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Event (AR) 4/28/2017
Former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden addresses 2017 Milwaukee Area Technical College spring graduation (AR) 05/12/2017
Love & Theft with Rebel Grace (MT) 06/17/2017
Gloria Trevi vs. Alejandra Guzmán (MT) 06/18/2017
Southern Uprising Tour starring Travis Tritt, the Charlie Daniels Band, and Lee Roy Parnell (AR) 08/26/2017
Fiesta De La Raza starring Larry Hernandez, Gente de Zona, Conjunto Primavera, Elvis Crespo, Montez De Durango, Luis Coronel & Chiquis Rivera (AR) 09/03/2017
The Legends starring Too Short with Scarface, DJ Quik, Trina & Twista (MT) 10/04/2017
The Heart & Soul Queen of New Orleans starring Irma Thomas, The Blind Boys of Alabama and the Preservation Hall Legacy Quintet (MT) 10/22/2017
The Bucks Return to MECCA (NBA basketball vs. Boston Celtics) (AR) 10/26/2017
Freaky Deaky Midwest Halloween Takeover starring Griz, Flatbush Zombies, Boogie T, Opiuo, Plaid Hawaii, Bassnectar, Ganja White Night, Mija, Bleep Bloop & Artifakts (CC) 10/27/2017 & 10/28/2017
Momma’s Boy (MT) 11/17/2017
The Kings and Queen of the South starring Master P and Juvenile (MT) 11/25/2017
Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker (MT) 12/01/2017
The Wizard of Oz (MT) 12/29/2017-12/31/2017

Brothers Osborne (Admirals post-game concert) (AR) 01/19/2018
Paw Patrol Live: Race to the Rescue (MT) 01/20/2018-01/21/2018
Valentine’s Love & R&B Tour starring Avant, Donell Jones, Case, Jon B, Syleena Johnson & Michel’le (MT) 02/10/2018
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts (Admirals post-game concert) (AR) 02/10/2018
Becca Stevens with guests Nicholas David & Stephanie Erin Brill (MT) 02/16/2018
Valentine’s Weekend Laugh-A-Thon starring Lavell Crawford, Michael Blackson, Damon Williams, Guy Torry, Comedian JJ, Sip Sippi (MT) 02/17/2018
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/23/2018-02/25/2018
TobyMac: The Hits Deep Tour with Danny Gokey, Mandisa, Finding Favour, Ryan Stevenson, and Aaron Cole (AR) 03/02/2018
We Came As Romans (MT) 03/03/2018
Hunter Hayes (Admirals post-game concert) (AR) 03/09/2018
Shen Yun (MT) 03/16/2018-03/18/2018
Granger Smith with special guests Runaway June and Walker McGuire (MT) 03/23/2018
Festival of Laughs starring Sommore with guests Earthquake, Bruce Bruce & George Wallace (MT) 03/24/2018
Get Over It: An Evening with Iyanla Vanzant (MT) 04/07/2018
The Illusionists – Direct from Broadway (MT) 04/09/2018
Power In My Hands film premier (MT) 04/12/2018
Liquid Stranger with Champagne Drip, Luzcid & TLZMN (MT) 04/20/2018
Stars On Ice (AR) 05/05/2018
Mother’s Day Weekend R&B Tour starring SWV, Kelly Price, Lil Mo, Bobby V and Pleasure P (MT) 05/12/2018
9th Annual Midwest BrewHaHa (AR) 06/01/2018-06/03/2018
Bring It! LIVE (MT) 07/25/2018
Dan & Phil: Interactive Introverts (MT) 07/27/2018
Yuridia: Desierto Tour (MT) 08/03/2018
A Couch Conversation with DJ Kool Herc, moderated by Michael Arceneaux (MT) 08/24/2018
Flat-Out Friday powered by Harley-Davidson® (AR) 8/31/2018
Earth, Wind & Fire (CC) 09/08/2018
RBRM (Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky & Mike) (MT) 09/13/2018
André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra (AR) 09/15/2018
MercyMe’s Imagine Nation Tour with Tenth Avenue North (MT) 10/05/2018
Jawbreaker Festival starring ZEDD, GRiZ, LOUIS THE CHILD, Parker, RCKT PWR, Crystal Knives, ODESZA, RL GRIME, SLUMBERJACK, Plaid Hawaii, and Moses (CC) 10/27/2018-10/28/2018
Lit AF Tour starring Martin Lawrence, DeRay Davis, Rickey Smiley, Michael Blackson, and Benji Brown (AR) 11/03/2018
iVoted Concert starring Lorde Fredd33 and Tapebenders (MT) 11/06/2018
Nickelodeon’s Double Dare Live starring Mark Sommers (MT) 11/07/2018
Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella (MT) 11/10/2018-11/11/2018
Rock of Ages (MT) 11/16/2018
Return of the Kings starring Too Short, Geto Boys, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony & Michel’le (MT) 11/17/2018
3 Kingz Tour starring Yo Gotti & Jeezy with Moneybagg Yo (MT) 11/23/2018
Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker (MT) 11/29/2018
Mix Mistletoe Show starring for King & Country with special guest Daughtry (MT) 12/04/2018
Radiance NYE starring EXCISION, ZEDS DEAD, Bear Grillz, Riot Ten, Whipped Cream, and Spock (CC) 12/31/2018

Sesame Street Live: Make Your Own Magic (MT) 01/19/2019-01/20/2019
Danceworks Mad Hot Tap Competition (AR) 01/24/2019
Brett Young (Admirals post-game concert) (AR) 01/25/2019
Shen Yun (MT) 2/02/2019-2/03/2019
Paw Patrol Live: The Great Pirate Adventure (MT) 02/05/2019-02/06/2019
Styx (Admirals post-game concert) (AR) 02/08/2019
Flat-Out Friday powered by Harley-Davidson® (AR) 02/15/2019
14th Annual Valentine’s Weekend Laugh-A-Thon starring Corey Holcomb, Don “DC” Curry, Kountry Wayne, Comedian JJ & T-Dot (MT) 02/16/2019
Love Vibes Only starring Tyrese with special guest Ginuwine (MT) 02/21/2019
Tripoli Shrine Circus (AR) 02/22/2019-02/24/2019
Monty Python’s Spamalot (MT) 03/02/2019
Judah & The Lion (Admirals post-game concert) (AR) 03/08/2019
The Funny As Ish Comedy Tour starring Mike Epps, Sommore, Lavell Crawford, DC Young Fly & Earthquake (MT) 03/09/2019
Becoming: An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama, moderated by Conan O’Brien (MT) 03/14/2019
Mariah Carey: Caution World Tour with DJ Suss One (MT) 03/15/2019
Chris Tomlin: Holy Roar Tour (AR) 03/24/2019
Dream Theater: The Distance Over Time Tour (MT) 03/31/2019
Mott The Hoople ’74 with special guests The Suburbs (MT) 04/01/2019
8th Annual Milwaukee Blues Festival, starring Tucka, Sir Charles Jones, Pokey Bear, Theodis Ealey, Latimore, and Terry Wright (MT) 04/05/2019
Legends of Hip Hop featuring Juvenile, Scarface, Too Short, DJ Quik, 8 Ball & MJG, and Bun B (MT) 04/06/2019
Beatles vs. Stones: A Musical Showdown (MT) 04/12/2019
Billy Currington (Admirals post-game concert) (AR) 04/13/2019
Kevin O’Leary On Wealth LIVE (MT) 05/29/2019
One Nation Under a Groove Tour starring George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic, Fishbone, Galactic, and Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf (MT) 05/30/2019
10th Annual Midwest Brewhaha (AR) 05/31/2019-06/02/2019
Rico Love’s We Love Music Conference (MT) 07/12/2019-07/13/2019
Don’t Let the Makeup Fool You (MT) 07/26/2019
“Weird Al” Yankovic: The Strings Attached Tour (MT) 07/27/2019
Hillsong UNITED (AR) 09/10/2019
We Will Rock You (MT) 09/20/2019
Fall Experiment concert starring Steve Aoki (CC) 10/04/2019
Marquee Comedy Tour starring Owen, DC Young Fly, Tony Rock, Karlous Miller and Tommy Davidson (MT) 10/05/2019
We Are Two Different People Tour with Danny Gonzalez, Drew Gooden, and Kurtis Conner (MT) 10/11/2019
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live (MT) 11/02/2019
90s Kickback Concert starring Dru Hill, Next Silk, H-Town, Shai, 702, and Adina Howard (MT) 11/22/2019
Elvis Costello and The Imposters (MT) 11/26/2019
deadmau5/Cube v.3 Tour with guest vox by Lights & tour suport Chris Lake and Mad Zach (CC) 12/14/2019
Radiance NYE with Excision, Liquid Stranger, Marauda, Wooli, Hesh, Calcium, Vampa & more (CC) 12/31/2019

Trump/Pence Campaign Rally (AR) 01/14/2020
Trolls LIVE! (MT) 01/18/20-01/19/2020
Shen Yun (MT) 02/01/20-02/02/2020
15th Annual Valentine’s Weekend Laugh-A-Thon starring DeRay Davis, Rickey Smiley, Michael Colyar, Mark Curry, and Melanie Comarcho (MT) 02/15/2020
90s Kickback Concert Part 2 starring Jagged Edge, Avant, Case, Hi Five, Michel’le, Kut Klose and Changing Faces (MT) 02/21/2020
Toby Mac Hits Deep Tour with Tauren Wells, Jordan Feliz, We Are Messengers, Ryan Stevenson, Aaron Cole, Cochren & Co. (AR) 03/06/2020
The Choir of Man (MT) 03/07/2020
Set It Off (MT) 03/08/2020




Jascha Heifetz (AU) 11/?/18
Milwaukee Racqueteers World TeamTennis (home) AR 1990s
UW-Milwaukee Panthers Men’s Basketball Team (home) AR 199?-199?
Marquette University Men’s Basketball Team (home) AR ?-?/?/88
Marquette University Women’s Basketball Team (home) AR ?-2003
MSOE Men’s & Women’s Basketball Teams AR 2001-2003
George H.W. Bush (R) Presidential campaign rally (A or AU) ?/?/1988