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Wisconsin Center Expansion: Diversity and Inclusion Plans

June 1, 2021
Published by katharinef

The opening of the Wisconsin Center expansion is nearing with every passing day; I can hardly believe we’ll break ground in just a few short months. The bid release packs have started to roll out, and we have started the process which will create thousands of local jobs both during construction and again once opened. At the heart of this project is a commitment to inclusion, which is why we’ve promised to contract with at least 25 percent minority-owned businesses, five percent women-owned businesses, and one percent disabled veteran-owned businesses for construction.

We have taken additional measures to ensure that this pledge is carried out. Recently we announced a partnership with Cross Management Services, Inc. (CMSI) and Prism Technical Management & Marketing Services (Prism) to help vet and validate this process. Both CMSI and Prism have a thorough process for monitoring and tracking inclusion for both businesses and the workforce, respectively. Updates will be shared throughout the construction process and I pledge to full transparency throughout our journey.

CMSI understands that policies of diversity and inclusion help build better businesses and a stronger community, and they use business savvy and creativity to meet these goals. In using unique quality control systems that provide multiple checks for information accuracy and onsite visits, they will keep the WCD accountable every step of the way.

While CMSI will ensure contracted businesses meet the WCD’s goal for minority-owned, women-owned, and disabled veteran-owned companies, Prism will monitor diversity in the workforce. The bidding process for subcontractors has already begun, with ample opportunity in the coming months. 

Prism representatives have similar processes to monitor inclusion efforts for employees, with frequent information verification and check-ins. They’re also assisting with recruitment and were present at Northcott Neighborhood House’s Juneteenth event. 

In most cities, the convention center is easily overlooked by the residents. After all, its primary purpose is to hold events for travelers, fill up hotel rooms, and act as the region’s tourism and hospitality foundation. We see a special opportunity with the $420 million expansion of the Wisconsin Center to act as a responsible neighbor and ensure that we are requiring a robust diversity and inclusion plan. What could be better than a Milwaukee resident walking by and feeling the pride of having contributed to the construction of a jewel in the crown of downtown Milwaukee?  

We’re proud to partner with CMSI and Prism on this initiative, and we look forward to the stronger WCD that will result from these efforts.

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